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Best 10 Dating advice for men that works




Netflix versus cinema, eating at home versus popular eatery, ask more or fewer questions… The different strategies of dating vary from one man to another and today we will focus on Best 10 Dating advice for men that works.


While dating can be more fun for some people, it can also be confusing for most men.

No matter what kind of relationship it is you’re in, it always needs the partnership of both sides to survive. 

Most failed relationships occurs as a result of men not performing their own part well. Keeping a woman needs some dating advice that’ll surely work for you.
Most importantly, no matter the kind of advice you were given or read online, always make sure it aligns with your own perspective and the kind of relationship you’re into.
There are thousand relationship advice out there that’ll work wonders for this person but failed on your own. So before applying any advice or tips to your relationship, always make sure that it makes sense to you and suit your personality and relationship style. There’s zero point trying to do things you don’t have passion for or things that don’t interests you.
As there’s so much dating advice for men that works for most people out there, always remember that some of these tips are contrary to your personal rules and may hinder your relationship progress instead of improving it.
Most men struggles with flirting, dating, and relationships, and they find it hard to get that advice they need that will eventually work for them.
Luckily for you, you’ve found the right place where you can get that perfect dating tips that’ll surely work for you. After series of heavy research and general contribution from women’s ideas, we’ve compiled a top 10 dating advice for men that works perfectly.
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Dating Advice For Men that Works


1. Always Know that Dating is stressful

Dating advice

Dating sometimes is extremely stressful, especially on the starting stage. That’s why you ought to know that this stress doesn’t last long -it’s just there for a while. Just like all new things, it takes time to adjust, get comfortable, and start enjoying the sweet things that follows it.
Unarguably, during the early stages of a relationship, you might feel discouraged, pissed off, unmotivated, and you might sometimes think of giving up. Trust me, this mindset changes as time goes on.
You might think that this little girl doesn’t worth your stress, but you’ve to remember that there’s light at the end of every tunnel.

2. Make Sure you Feel Comfortable on the First Date

Dating Advice

If you’re a type that doesn’t like eating in a public place, don’t choose any eatery for your first date instead go to a cinema or any other place that you always feel comfortable and relaxed.
There’s this general ideology that waiting for your date to pick her preferred choice of date venue makes you a gentleman, but trust me, most women likes a decisive man. So step up, be the man you’re, and choose the perfect place that’ll make you feel relaxed.
With this in mind, always be careful while choosing places. Don’t go to a public place where you’ll likely bump into any of your classmates or work colleague. Simply choose a nice, cool place where both of you will feel relaxed and concentrated. This must not be a place to eat food or drinks.
Sometimes, try to choose the cinema or any other activity show, this will help you especially if you’re a shy type. Simply choose your choice of place, feel relaxed, and get ready for a memorable night.

3. Self Confidence is important

Dating advice

Undoubtedly, self-confidence is important while on a date. No matter your status, or what you look for in a relationship, adding confidence to your dating peripherals will surely take you far. If you desire to go a bit farther, add a little feeling of excitement in there while on a date. However, over-confident is a negative stimulation, and that’s the truth. So endeavor to keep it on an average range.
If you’re a shy type, then self-confidence is something you need to work on. Apart from helping you while dating, it’ll surely help you in your daily endeavors.
Firstly, try going out to some social places and try engaging in conversation with people that are not familiar to you. Engage in a conversation, be intrigued, and always try to be optimistic. You might not be the most handsome, tallest, richest, or the most muscular guy that has ever woo her, but trust me, being self-assured will do the wonders for you.
This dating advice is one of the keystone of a successful dating foundation. Self-confidence is more attractive to a woman than physical qualities. They always love men that are sharp and not dump dude.

4. Don’t do all the talking

Dating advice

A simple, yet one of the most important dating advice for men that works – strive not to do the whole talking. Moreover, when the first date goes perfectly, you’ll have all the time in the world to tell her more about you.
Don’t be afraid of silence, sometimes, use it to study her in certain situations. Talk little, and mix up the conversation by asking her a little about her self, her likes, and dislikes. These simple questions will keep her engaged and more addicted to you.
By doing this, it shows that you’re a listener, and interested in what’s on her mind and her feelings. This is essential dating advice that all men must adhere to for us to move far in the dating world.

5. Keep your conversation light and fun Dating advice

Probably, one of the easiest datings advise for men. Endeavor to keep the conversation light, entertaining, and positive.
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At your first meeting, don’t try to bring up negative conversations. Probably about your life challenges, the job you hate, or a friend that betrayed you. All these stories pisses off a woman and weaken her interest in you. Don’t misquote me, I’m not trying to say that having serious conversations with your partner is not good.
However, try and avoid bringing it up on the first date. Just feel relaxed, have fun, and bring up positive conversations.

6. Be honest, and don’t play around

Dating Advice

Honesty is one of the most important relationship rules that every man must endeavor to keep. However, sometimes, you don’t want to be seen as needy, desperate, or overbearing. But trust me, after a honest first date and you two are connected and going along well.
There might be something about you that she ought to know, like a past relationship or certain sickness, then just let her know. A girl that’s meant for you will surely stay. You can even try and put it somewhere in the conversation on the first or second date once you are in the right frame of mind, and feel confident about it.
Sometimes, if you’re unemployed and she asked you about your employment status, try and be plain to her. However, after a first date and you don’t feel attracted to her, try a second or third one if there’s no change and you didn’t enjoy her company. The sooner you let it known to her the better, just make it plain to her and stop wasting you both time and playing with her feelings.

7. Get Insights from your female friends

Dating Advice

Dating sometimes it’s not something we learn in school and become expert in after having a series of relationships. Most times one of the best datings advice for men that works are getting insights from your female friends.

Furthermore, it’s always important and will benefit you to get Insights from your female friends. They might be your classmate, someone you know, a work colleague, or a close friend of your date partner. Tend to seek advice and their own perspective about what they love most in dating.
Try to talk to that female friend and get a hint of what works and what doesn’t? Most times, the best dating advice comes from direct sources. Of course, every one has different opinion and taste, but after asking about five female friends and knowing their own point of view, probably, one must be compatible with your dating partner.
However, when seeking dating advice from a female friend, always seek from people you trust – those who meant good for you.

8. Ask lots of questions

Dating Advice

A favourite and easy first date advice for men is to ask lots of questions. This will help you especially if you’re a shy type. Just like we earlier mentioned, try and keep the conversation light and fun by asking about her work, hobbies, education, and travel plans.
If she brings on deeper topics like sex life or previous relationships, try and answer as much as you can.
However know your limits, don’t invade in her privacy because sometimes it can be a turnoff for the girl and seem too intrusive.
Most important, give your date a listening ear.
Make sure you pay attention to her answers and follow it up with your own questions. Lastly, try and open up a little about yourself as well. Don’t let her leave the date without knowing a dime about your private life.

9. Do not message her frequently

You can’t just win a woman’s heart by asking her out online and think that’s all you’ve to say before meeting her in person. There’s more to it than just sending her a friend request, then messaging her and probably engaging in a conversation with her morning, afternoon, and evening. However, you don’t have to and you should avoid messaging her always.

This is where the problem of getting fade up of each other arises. Instead of texting a woman or messaging her on Facebook always, try and let that suspense build on its own. This is a very important relationship advice that all men must adhere to.
Many guys fall to the belief of texting a woman always even after she has said “YES” makes her strongly attracted to you. Try and know whether she’s anticipated for a date like you. But remember not to overdo things. Tend not to keep too much silence.

10. Turn off your phone

Dating advice

There’s nothing more annoying than hearing the ringtone of your smartphone when you’re having a good time with your woman. Turn your phone completely, every other thing should hold. Try and dedicate that one hour to her.

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Women always love a guy that’s dedicating their time to them. This is very important dating advice for men that works. Most women use to piss off after watching you take a couple of calls or three while on your first date.


Finally, try to remember that finding true love is a combination of patience, luck, perseverance, and dedication. Amazingly, with this Best 10 Dating advice for men that works, you are a step close to building that strong and perfect relationship you always desire with your partner.

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Q: Dating advice for Men – how to find someone

Ans: It’s recommended for a Man to find a Girl or lady that loves him back, and date a girl that can contribute to the future of the relationship, a Girl that is respectful and loyal.

Furthermore, as a Man, strengthen yourself and dress for success on the adventure to find a Partner


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