Secrets on how to fix a broken relationship

Secrets on how to fix a broken relationship

It’s so hard living in today’s society thereby not being in a relationship. I leave that to your ponder. Statistically, there are more people who are either in a Broken relationship or there relationship is about to to broken.

Nevertheless, I will tell you how to fix a broken relationship

Listen, according to statistics, in 3 months time, 85% of couples are likely to be without each other either they no longer talk to each other or they are separated. In 6 months  time, about 50% are likely to break up from their relationship thereby 8% couples left in the race.
Perhaps you have been in a relationship, any type of relationship and it hasn’t worked out and you are worried of how to fix a broken relationship or how you can patch things up with your spouse. Yeah, you are very intelligent for seeking such a remedy. If you are the the type who haven’t had any relationship and doesn’t know what break or fixing a relationship is all about I think it would just be great if you can read through to find out exactly what secret it is on how to fix a broken relationship.
One thing you should know as you are looking for a way to fix your broken relationship is this  “there can not be a solution to a broken relationship without the relationship failing”. This simply mean that for you to be seeking solution to your problem now, there must have been a failed relationship.
There are many things that causes relationship failure. The cause of relationship failure of someone may not be the cause of another one. This is because human are dynamic, different and act differently in time of situation. Below, you will see some of the causes of relationship failure before you think on how to fix a broken relationship.

Causes of Broken relationship

Some of the causes of Broken relationship or relationship failure are as follow:

Too much Independence:

When a wife finds more pleasure in going out or hanging out with her friends and time she spends at home is getting lower, she feels that she is now a wife and not a slave so she can anywhere she likes  and comes back when she feels like(same goes to the husband).
They may both overlook it but as times passes by someone has to feel jealous either the wife or the husband and this leads to arguments, or fighting. there should be time limits for everyone either you’re going out, coming in and so on.
Wanting too much freedom will lead one into the wrong place and person, as a couple or engaged the two must be able to tell what kind of friends he or she mingles with either good friends or bad friends, but in these days some couples/engaged people don’t really know the kind of friends their partner has and these friends can also cause high freedom in their lives.
There is an adage which says ” when you yearn for more freedom then you will meet even your own downfall”.

Lack of trust

I said earlier that once there is too much freedom then the trust starts shaking and when its shaking it will completely be lost.
it is easier to pull a rope then to push it, once the trust is gone then there won’t be anything left in the relationship. let’s look at some few things that causes lack of trust in a relationship. See the two causes of lack of trust in a relationship below.
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There is no little lie, no matter how it is not exactly how something is, is a LIE. How many times have you done that thinking its just a little lie, really it matters a lot. a man who is just within his area was telling his wife that he is already at work, why because he don’t wants his wife to be worried say it the way it is not styling or removing from it.
little lies has cause great problems in the relationship cause your partner won’t know when you’re not little lying and saying the whole truths.


We all need our quiet time when we alone thinks and clear things off our mind. but what kind of a privacy should be understandable in the relationships.
some partners do some things not wanting the other to know about in the name of little privacy, some don’t even allow their partners to touch their cell phones always going out with it even in the toilet.. and these create different thinking arousals leading to lack of trust.
Self control
In a relationship, self control matters a lot. This is the more reason why I ascertained that people react to things in different way, but noticeably, the most common factor to reaction is anger.
Being unable to control ones anger can really do lot of damages to ones healthy relationship. Just imagine a situation whereby the man is ready to vent his angers of her and she is ready to bite his ears. Hey, common, I know there are some fights in relationship which is capable of strengthen a relationship, but would you rather break your home into pieces and then starts looking for solutions on how to fix a broken relationship?


There is no doubt that unfaithfulness will surely lead to a failed relationship. Being faithful is what most people seeks in a relationship. No woman would ever want to share her husband and vice versa.
At early state of most relationship, faithfulness is usually the first trait but as time goes on, the other side become what we see. It is very important to abstain from cheating if you really value your relationship.
Having known some of the cause of Broken relationship or causes of relationship failure, it will only be fear to look at the topic of discuss and give you The solution you seek by using our secrets on how to fix a broken relationship. Below are some of ways in which a broken relationship can be amended.

How to fix a broken relationship

To fix a broken relationship, you may have to follow some of these secrets below.

1. Be friendly and polite in Dialogue

Many do not know that harsh words really Pierce the heart especially the heart of a fragile woman. There are many people who wants to friendly just the way you met. When you are in conversation or perhaps in an argument, such individual expects you to be friendly and maintain your politeness.
They just don’t want to see you shouting or yearning at them. To regain such a person back,  you must learn to remain friendly and polite in your dialogue just as that individual met you.

2. Specify your intentions

One man recently said something on LinkedIn that you don’t need to explain or make anyone understand you. That’s not the best employment here in handling some you cherish.
If you really care about people, you should explain to them why you did this and why that happened. Let them understand some reasons why you have done such an act.

3. Continue showing love

The best medicine to cure a broken relationship is love. Love has the answer to all that we seek. The power of love is so strong to the limit that it can quench a furnace.
Your relationship is broken now maybe because you refused to show your spouse the love you showed at the first meet. It is encouraging to always show love. Biblically, love has no limitation as our Lord Jesus (christian faith) has commanded us to love one another.

4.  Apologize

There are still many people in today’s society who do not know the importance of apology. I wrote to my friend few weeks ago on how to apologize and I believe you will meet it online some day.
Apology is needed because it is important in a relationship especially the one on the verge of breaking. It doesn’t take you much strength and doesn’t cost a fortune to apologize to some. You can apologize to some in different ways. It could be through the use of flowers, going out with the person, sending gifts and apology letters that entails relationship quotes and many other way.

5. Take responsibility

Sometime you have to acknowledge you are wrong. When do I take responsibility in relationship?. Taking responsibility doesn’t mean you have to be wrong before you do that. At times, regardless you are right, you may just have to take responsibility of the broken relationship.
Considerably, everyone should know their place in a relationship and don’t try crossing your part. It is only when you consider this that you may find a solution on how to fix a broken relationship.


There are many homes today that are broken as there is such, there are also many relationship that are seeking for a possible way to get fixed. Considering my list of secrets on how to fix a broken relationship, you should be able to get back into a  happy relationship with your spouse.
I believe this article has served it purpose and it wouldn’t be bad if you place a comment below. This will help us identify more problems and proffer available solutions.


Q: How to fix a broken relationship trust

ANS: most relationship is been shattered with trust, in the sense that, each partner no longer trust each other. Thus, You can rebuild, regain or fix a broken relationship trust by;

 Asking for Forgiveness

If you have cheated or lied in which you have damaged your partner’s trust in you, apology is an essential way to start making amends.

Go straight to the issue (be specific)

E.g. Sweetheart, I’m really sorry for telling that I was not at home while I did not go anywhere, in which it was very unfortunate that you came and found me at home.


Try every possible best to interact with your partner, by so doing you are being close to each other. either via chatting or facial communication and your communication should base on the issue. For example, “why the betrayal hurts you, “how you fill about the situation”


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