Stages Of Relationship You should know Today


I know some of us already know how it feels when you fall in love with someone especially if you have just met the person and also if it happens to be your first time entering into such a deep and fascinating relationship. Youwould probably feel like riding to the sun though to the level the love is burning into. Today you will learn the stages of a relationship

The real truth is that it doesn’t just always work like that. You should know that not all relationship that boom like bet9ja at initial works fine. In fact, statistics and relationship experts has proven to the young and old that quick relationship which do not undergo some prescribed stages are likely to be a failed relationship. So, to avert such disaster in your life and relationship, my research on stages of relationships you should know can help you live happier with your spouse.
I will be guiding and giving you correct tips on 10 mains stages of a relationship that you may end up experiencing before giving your relationship a title.
With all these uttered, let me begin by saying there are different types of relationship models/theories out there, but i am going to be more based on one by DR. Mark Knapp. The reason is because is work is a classic one and as also a well known relationship theory.
With all this said, I know there is one question running in your mind as I have been speaking about relationship and that question can only be..

Stages Of Relationship You should know Today

I told you earlier I will be using Dr. Knapp modules and according to him, there are 10 different stages of a relationship. This clearly means, there are several things that happen during these phases.
As there are 10 different stages, they are also divided into two different phases: the coming together and the coming apart phases. So, our discuss will focus the stages of relationship will be further explained using these two phases.

Phase 1: The Coming Together

Obviously, relationship have to start somewhere, and I also believe you know that not all relationship starts out the same way. Some couples may meet in Bar, while others meet at college or through friends right?
No matter how a couple starts out, there are some different stages in the coming together phase. Check the stages out below.

1. The initiation stage

This stage is always know as first sight stage because it occurs when you meet someone for the first time. When you meet someone for the first time what do you usually do? Exchange pleasantries and then introduction follows I guess. It so feels like someone who just got a brand new phone.
You want to check them out and this case is not far fetched as you always want to know facts about the person you are meeting. One thing is very crucial in this stage and that is, “the way the individual presents themselves goes a  long way in the relationship”.
So, if are putting on tight wears at the time of meeting and then after couple of days you embark on wearing loose  cloths. Do know that the person’s trust on you is likely to decrease according to studies.

2. The stage of Experimentation

Once you can make it pass the initiation stage which many people do not succeed, then you will embark on the experimentation stage. The reason why people do not make it to this stage is because they figure one or two things in the initiation stage which disinterest them.
What happens in this stage? During experimentation, you will begin to dig deeper and also check the interests and values of the other. If eventually you are convinced then you will proceed to the next stage which is..

3. The stage of intensification

This stage is sometimes called the stage of Bliss. The reason is because things are getting more intense and the relationship are becoming more stronger. In this stage, you must have found out enough things about each other and then you will want to share more intimate information about yourself with the other person. Real Feelings starts to develop more and there is quite an excitement about being in a relationship.

4. The Stage of integration

Now that you have feelings for each other, it is just right to say you are a couple right? In this stage, you will start to put your lives together by developing routines and habits as couples. You have totally gone from “me and you ” syndrome to “us” as family and friends will Start to recognize you as a unit.

5. The Stage of Bonding

Bonding is not just getting tighter or coming closer, it is a period of showing more commitment and responsibilities. Many people who have reached this stage usually move in together or get married, and then begin to show commitment to each other and to their community or society at large.
Note: some culture and tradition do not permit two persons in love to move in to a house with performing marriage rights. Ensure you do the necessary unless your community is purely modernized then you can move in.

Phase 2: The Coming Apart

There is no dispute to the fact that we all wanna live happily and enjoy life. Notably, the coming apart phase is not attributed to married couples or dating. It is for everyone that has the understanding and are willing to be happy.

6.  The incompatible stage

One thing you should know about relationship is that it is not always perfect. We may think a group of married persons are enjoying their marriage to their fullness,but the truth is that every marriage has it own flaws. The person smiling today in his or her marriage may nor be in the stage of relationship you are in.
At this stage, the couples are likely to start seeing faults in their relationship which they haven’t been seeing in the other stages of their relationship.

 7.  The stage of Circumscribing

This is just the continuation of the former stage before this stage. The couples continues to see fault, relationship continues to have loop holes .
You pull away from each other, communication begins to falter away and there is a chain break emotionally, physical and otherwise.

 8. The stage of stagnation

In this level, you are no longer far from total break up in the relationship. Everything is worsened, emotion is completely removed and replaced if not with hatred.

 9.  The stage of avoidance

There is likely to be a complete avoidance in this stage either physically, emotionally, socially or otherwise. You are likely going to be seeking for divorce or perhaps lives in the same room yet no communication or interaction.

10.  The stage of end/termination

I believe you know what it means for something to be terminated. This termination in relationship is not far different from the termination you get in your job due to inefficiency.
At times Stage, the marriage ore relationship us completely broken and as such, it has no real definition other than “was’.
Why it is very important to understand the stage of relationship
Why do you understand something? To have an idea over it and be ready to tackle challenges or obstacles relating to that thing right?.
It is very convincingly that we need to understand the stages of relationship so as to amend them when they are not in the right track. I know for sure this article has made you to understand deeper than what you know about the level of your relationship.

F & Q

Q: what are the stages of a relationship Dating?

Ans: there are Four Major stages of a relationship Dating which are;

1. Meeting Each other

Before you start up a relationship, you must know each other, either from from social media or from the neighborhood and some other places.

Whereby you get to know each other and interact, and exchange contact details.

2. Stage of Interest

After the first above stage of a relationship Dating, the next is to show interest towards each other and that’s where feelings & emotions starts to develop.

3. Being Couples

The third stage of a relationship Dating is now being Couples or partners after the emotions and feeling has been developed and they accepted each other to become partners.

4. Engagement

The last step is engagement, in which the couples are now together and start plans for the future and to know how to handle their future home and all the rest like (Family planning)

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