Tips on How Many Dates Before a Relationship

Tips on How Many Dates Before a Relationship

Love, Trust, Passion, these are the three important dating codes needed for a successful relationship. Thousands of people are wondering how many dates you’ll have with your partner before calling it a relationship. Before I begin my article on how many dates before relationship, I’ll like to first explain what a relationship is.

A relationship is a state in which the body, mind, and soul of two intimate individuals are connected, most especially emotional connection.
Now you’ve known the meaning of relationship, have you been wondering on how many dates you need to have with your partner before agreeing into a relationship with him or her? Let me tell you, you’re not alone on this thought. This is one thing men and women are very anxious about when a close friend or relation ask them about their relationship status.
One date might be ok, two might be enough, three might be better, but it all depends on the kind of person you’re dating. But how many dates will be enough before tagging that special person a relationship partner? Sometimes, relationships end prematurely when two love birds get tired of pretending to be the person their partner likes. It all depends on how individuals specify things.
It’s flawlessly normal to start something new with a new person in your love life. You may experience some kind of chemistry you never felt before after the first few dates.
Maybe you’ve been on 3 or 5 dates with your partner and have been wondering when to say yes to avoid breaking the relationship rules. For that reason, there are some rules you need to keep to keep your feelings safe from emotional trauma. This set of rules means that you’re officially in a relationship after hitting this key dating landmarks.
Our main aim of providing these rules is to prevent you from getting carried away with sweet things and romance that comes after entering a good number of dates.
Here in today’s article, we’ll enlighten you more on how many dates you need to go with your potential partner before officially tagging it a relationship.
If you’ve met someone and the first date was something not to take home about, my sister, kindly run for your life. There’s no point beating around the bush or trying to figure out if he’ll change.
Just like we all know, “first impression matters a lot”. But on the other way round, if you met this gentle guy, and the first date went well, you’ll actually strive for another one. But remember, never rush things. A patient dog takes the fattest bone.

In this article, we shall focus on the following;

1. How Many Dates Should you go to Officially Be in a Relationship?
2. What Prospects do you have to Reckon to When?
3. Dating Before You Become Official?
4. Are you happy?
5. Do you trust each other?
6. Can you see w future together?


How Many Dates Should you go to Officially Be in a Relationship?
To start with, there isn’t a specified number though.

There are two aspects to consider when it comes to how many dates you should go before officially tagging the potential person a relationship partner.

1. Most times, people say that the amount of dates you should go solely depends on the kind of person you’re seeing and the level of your feelings for that individual.
2. While some will say that the five dating rules will prevent you from getting hurt emotionally, or having feelings for a person that won’t reciprocate your love. These dating rules will help prevent you from getting cheated on or falling for the wrong person, or sometimes going intimate with a person too soon before you two are ready.
With regards to the school of thought, there’s no official amount of dates to go to before tagging your relationship official. Just like I earlier mentioned, one date might be ok for that Mr, or Mrs right.
But I surely recommend about 3 to 5 or more dates, the reason here’s that one or two dates may not be enough to know that individual well. There might be some hidden characters that you won’t discover on your first or second dates. I’ll surely recommend you to sometimes visit your potential relationship partner unaware to be sure he’s the kind of person you truly want.
Nevertheless, there’s a fundamental foundation on how many dates before a relationship becomes official. Just like I earlier mentioned, it can prevent you from getting hurt emotionally, physically, or falling too deeply in love with a beast.
The reason for this is because, in the initial stages of a relationship, especially when you feel like you love someone, you can easily be carried away by that word called “LOVE”. That’s normal because the aura felt is something I can’t explain by mere writing. However, the danger here is that due to that sensation, you’ve not really known each other well to know if you two are compatible and exclusively meant for each other.
Furthermore, by having a certain number of dates, and never rush things will help build a perfect relationship. Soul-mates are people who bring out the best in you.
They are not perfect but are always perfect for you. Determining a perfect time frame on when to do things — like the first kiss on the 2nd date, or not having sex at all till officially in a relationship will prevent you from a person who’s only in for your body.
One of the key rules to a better relationship is “Never rush things”. There’s always a time for everything. Learn to avoid anything intimate in the early stages of dating.
Agreeing on a relationship with someone sometimes seems to be the hardest decision you’ll ever make. When having a good time with a potential relationship partner, make sure you strictly adhere to these relationship rules.
What Prospects do you have to Reckon to When Dating Before You Become Official?
To explain further on a number of dates to go before making a relationship official. 80% of people try to reckon to a certain amount of things before agreeing to a relationship.
Dating might sometimes be too enticing and exciting that two of you get carried away with love. Most people only use these prospects instead of the normal set of dates before tagging their relationship official.
These people are not stupid, the reason they choose to this directive is because they help protect you from getting hurt while in a relationship, though it’s not quite advisable in some cases.
Here, I’ve out listed three important questions that can act as landmarks for when to become official with that special person you’ve been seeing frequently.

Are you Happy?

Individual happiness matters a lot when on a relationship. A prosperous relationship tends to be fun and has everything that gives you Joy. A lot of people agrees to a relationship with someone because he or she provides all your needs and superficial wants.
However, when you don’t have that love spark that enkindles you to that person, sometimes they’ll make you unhappy, either now, or afterwards.
Before entering into a relationship, ask yourself, will I be happy with this handsome dude? If the answer is no, maybe you should consider a certain amount of dates to know whether the spark will ignite again, or consider quitting the relationship thoughts entirely.
However, if the answer is yes, then this is one of the actual reasons to cement a relationship.

Do you Trust Each other?

Trust should be the keystone of every relationship. When starting this relationship article, I listed trust as one of the important aspects of a successful relationship. You can love the person you trust, but can’t love the person you don’t trust.
Without the word “Trust”, it’s hard to be self-assured about many things in a relationship. Before entering into a relationship, ask yourself whether the individual you’ve been seeing is worthy to be trusted.
Most times, the loyalty of a woman to his man, and the trust of a man to his woman matters a lot in a relationship. If you don’t trust each other, then there’s no need of entering into a relationship. But when the trust is there, and you both are happy, then it might be the time to say YES to that special one.
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Can You See A Future Together?


The most important thing about every relationship is whether the two individuals can see a future together. If you can’t, then try and commit your time and spirit to one another to know whether it’ll work out.
This idea of a future might be a gradual process, maybe after the 4th or 5th date. But after these dates and you can’t see a future together, then you might consider going into a short-term relationship to check whether he or she is someone you can spend the rest of your life with.


As a relationship counselor, I’ve handled a lot of cases regarding many relationship issues. In a relationship, you’ve to be open, sometimes hiding the truth is the same as telling a lie. Be open, honest, and tell everything.
If you have to hide it, you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. Your partner should be someone you can trust just like I’ve mentioned before.
Some people will want to have that spark whether it’s love or lust at the offset of a relationship or on the first or second dates. To some extent, a certain number of dates will help you stop that kind of feeling of excitement on the first date with that special person.
Three or six dates might be enough to know that person entirely, but remember, take your time. It doesn’t matter whether you went on ten or twenty dates before finally saying yes. A lot of people went into a relationship with a demon all because of lust. Take your time and know whether what you felt for each other is “Love or Lust”.


Q: how many dates before a kiss?

ANS: overall  U.S consumers, think kissing on the first date is acceptable. Additional 33% consumers said, you should wait 2-3 dates before kiss – read in full about the percentage 



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