You love him and you want to know How to make him miss you!

You love him and you want to know How to make him miss you! (Know How)

Do you really Love Him? then you need to read this Content to findout; You love him and you want to know How to make him miss you!

This life isn’t balanced and truth be told, their are certain people in life we love such much and we often assume our loved ones missing us is a great deal. In this guide and relationship tip, you will be provided with amazing working tips on how to make him miss you.

Be rest assured if you love someone and you want them to show you they also love you back through their missing.  All you have to do is to read on to get the magical working tips to be shared by Therichwebnews.

Like they say, “No man is an island”. It is just so natural for someone to miss you and they is no greater feeling in a relationship than the feeling that your spouse misses you. Don’t pretend like you don’t understand that feeling. Well, the big question is, can you get your boyfriend to miss you while you are away?, or do you know how to make him express his love for you through your absence? Either way, I will give you a working tips on how you can actually make someone miss you.

The beauty of every relationship is often when both parties really want each other. They want to feel valued, missed and sure that the other person truly wants them in their life. This article focuses more on how to make a guy miss his girlfriend. Excited, right? Okay! Let’s jump right into it…

How To make Him Miss You

1. Try not to be available for him Always

Have you noticed that when you are in love with someone you always want to spend more time with that person. Sure, it is not a bad thing to always be around someone you love but have you ever thought of this saying ” one will miss what he has when it is no more”

2. Always look your best

You must be well-informed about what your guy wants in a lady when dressing up. You can capitalize on this by always putting in extra effort when you know you’re going to see him. Depending on how well you know what he likes, you can even cater to his particular quirks.

3. Be Independent

Often times, you lose yourself to a man because you are now very much comfortable with him than ever. Am I right? Well, it shouldn’t be. You want to make home miss you more, then you’ve got to give him space some times. It will not only make him miss you but will also make home crave for your attention when you are not available for him. There’s no need to be always together. Guys really like it when you are not so clingy. Enjoy your own thing and let him miss you.

4. Be There for him

In as much as you would like to create space for your guy to miss you more than ever, it is very important that you make yourself available him, apart from physically. Instead of being there physically, you can always give him some attention by listening to him with no intent to condemn him. This will establish trust in you from him. You’re stable and you’re committed to being there when he needs you.

5. Be Real

One of the basic and most important things a guy loves about a lady is the originality. But if a guy finds out that you are not real, then you are in for a bitter game. Be REAL. Be ORIGINAL. Do not pretend to be who you are not. Create your own unique self around him.
This will make him go nuts when you are not available. You don’t have to be who you are not so that a guy will love you more.

6. Be Closer

Get to know yourselves better in the relationship by getting close. This will make your love grow towards each other. Make the time to get near each other often.

7. Compliment Your Man.

A man loves it when he is being complimented. This starts from you, as a lady, appreciating the things he does for you. Appreciate him. Send a random text message to show that you are truly grateful. Admire him always. Let him know he is the best at what he does and great to be with. It appeals to their sensitive egos. Do not make feel any less of himself but feel more of himself. This further inspires him.

8. Be Understandable

No guy will want a lady who nags. It’s not commendable at all. You, as a lady, have to be understandable. Do not put pressure on him. Let him be himself with and around you. You don’t have to always call for his attention. You should rather let him crave for your attention by being understanding and patient with him.


There are many ways you can actually enjoy your relationship. There are many people in today’s society who goes to any length to make sure someone misses them. Well, it is not bad for you to get someone to miss you, but it is very wrong to destroy your long age built relationship all because you want to find out if he misses you while you are away or not.
Maybe you don’t know the stages of relationship and how long it takes to build a relationship, you can check Therichwebnews former posts on  stages of relationship and maybe that can help you treasure your relationship more.
In this article, we have learnt natural way to make your spouse to love you without harming yourself your endangering any state of your spouse. I believe this article from Mr John, author at Therichwebnews relationship blog has provided you with the right relationship tip you need on how to make him miss you more.

F & Q

Q; how to make him miss you after breakup
Ans: Some relationship fails because of misunderstanding or other factor, but you as a lady want to make him miss you? you can achieve that via;
1. Moving on with your life and work more becoming your best self
3. make him Jealous by being open to other Men, this can even lead to envy (haha)
3. Do not contact him at all
4. Think about leaving the Town
5. Try as much as possible to look different (Appearance)
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